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Thaksk Mrs. and Peter was posted 07/16/2007 01:45 pm by Chris M
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thanks for the information. I have had a full C/T scan and ultrasound that did not show any other tumors. My docs have said the tumor marker tests have not indicated any cancer but they are not 100% reliable.

I am out in San Francisco with UCSF and my doctor is specilaized with cancer surgery and liver transplantation, etc.

The docs are unsure if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes which is why they are doing this second surgery. It is helpful to know that waiting will not necessarily be a problem. I am still quite sore from the first surgery.

Thanks for the link to that website. This is very helpful. I have friends at Mt. Sinai in NYC that are specilaists in this area so they are doing the second opinion. It is just soooo scary given the prognosis is so challenging if it has spread beyone the gallbladder. The docs are 'cautiously optimistic.' My wife, of course, is having a real hard time with this waiting.

Thanks again!

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