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GBC- Dad was posted 07/15/2007 07:28 am by Danusia
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Hi just thought I would share some information, my dad found out on 10th April 2007 that he had Pancreatic Cancer.

My dad was Jaundice for about 6 weeks so he had 2 stents put in at separate times. After having CT Scans MRI's Pet Scans you name it tests they didn't know that the cancer was was wrapped around his vein.

The surgeon said he could have the whipple procedure since the cancer was only 2.4cm. We went ahead with this surgery 16th May 2007.

Everything went wrong after the surgery, the surgeon said it wasn't good the cancer was around the vein.

Then 1 week later found out the cancer was in 10 glands out of 15.

Still not good news.

He lost blood, his wound would not heal as the bile duct acid is so strong it would not heal his 20cm wound, kidney's failed you name it everything was going wrong.

My dad spent nearly 20 day's in Intensive Care and the remainder of his time on the ward. 4.5weeks total until he passed away in the arms of us his loved one's June 18th 2.45am 2007 my dad passed away.

Good luck, love to your dad tell him don't give up.

My dad just wanted to go home and have a beer.

Love to all Danusia

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