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let's try again was posted 07/03/2007 08:54 pm by CherylM
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I found out today my taxol at it's current dose isn't working. Fortunately the nodules that cropped up so quickly for me the past two times haven't grabbed hold and started to grow. The doctor thinks we can do one more chemo to hold me for my trip and when I come back begin a brand new drug just coming out that shows promise on biliary duct cancer. In my favor is positive results with each chemo. I would just love for something to work for a year or more and keep me feeling about how I do now. I just applied for a handicapped parking sticker, walking more than 10 feet is a challenge. I freak out a little about disposing of my ashes, but think I have a good idea. Everyone go up to the national seashore in Cape Cod. My ashes go out on a boat the my family, collegues and friends build me a huge sand castle send off, My husband collects sand, from Yankee Standium, STinson Beach, Bermuda, Cape Cod beaches, Italy, Ireland, Greece, we'll have some from Alaska and any other place I may have been. Gather food from all my favorite places and have a huge picnic. Avoiding winter would be the only problem. I'm a casual clothes person who loves to put on a great party with lots of fun activities. I'll leave some pirate component to 2 of my collegeagues and my daughter. And there will be dogs. My sister in law can cater some dog treats from there.

And I am SO glad there is a new drug to try specifically for us, I hope it works and when I have a name I'll let you know. Also result I may receive. Cheryl

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