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TxGal was posted 10/31/2006 11:17 am by Queenie
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Hi Tx Gal,

I wish you had a copy of my book, 'The Journey Home' it goes through all of the symptoms of last stages of life. You can also access these symptoms online at the hospice sight. I feel for you right now mostly because I know how exhausting this time can be. I am in the middle of it right now with my Dad. We thought he would go weeks ago but he is hanging in there. Pretty much the same symptoms as your Dad except for the insect thing. My Dad is throwing everything up and we just can't find a med to help...we have tried everything. He is hardly eating anything other than fluids and throws that up too. It is very hard to watch. My Dad was a brave firefighter and it's hard to see this cancer take his big body down to nothing. He has always been big and strong. His hands look huge on his now skeleton figure. Anyway I went through this with my Mom and I will tell you this, this time with him is the sweetest and the hardest. I don't know how to explain it but leaving this earth can be some of the most real moments of your life. Things said and quiet moments shared, mean everything now. Hang in there and keep coming here for's the best therapy you can buy. Take Care...Queenie

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