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TX Gal was posted 10/26/2006 01:13 pm by mrs
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Call a Home Health agency in your area. I know for us a CNA came in three times a week to bathe Dad. The registered nurse came for an hour or slightly longer once a week. We took the vital signs and keep a chart of his blood pressure, temperature, sugar levels, and wrote down all his medications and when he took them. Sort of what they do if he were in the hospital. As far as overnight help, you could hire a nurse (CNA) through the hospital. Dad did have medical equipment (a bed and wheel chair) which made him more comfortable. We set up the living room as his bedroom. He had a bedside commode (leftover from Mom). Just made it easier for Dad to get around. He would use the wheelchair to go to his office at the end of the house many times.

Your Dad may need a wheel chair or walker (with seat may be best) for support so he does not fall. That will help take some of the lifting off of you. It was while on Home Health care that a physical therapist came in and showed Dad some minor exercises. The best part was she showed us how to lift him properly and not hurt ourselves in the process. Also, how to hang on to him when he was up and moving around. How to get him into and out of the car and many other little things. That was beneficial. Maybe your Dad would be open to having a little help in that area as would you and your Mom.

I hope you can get some rest. Lack of sleep is frustrating on top of everything else you must deal with. Take naps when your Dad is sleeping if that helps. We used a baby monitor so we could hear if Dad was moving around or needed help. Just remembered that. It came in handy. Take care and hope you find the right group to come in and help. Hugs........Mary

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