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HI all was posted 10/19/2006 02:43 pm by TXGal
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Many thanks to those of you who are keeping up with my story and praying and encouraging me. I really appreciate that. My dad is doing pretty well. Hospice is not coming. I'm not sure why he decided that other than he is a private person. He is still taking his meds, but reduced the lasix to every other day. His feet are swollen and we had my sister-in-law teach us how to do massage for lymphedema. She is a therapist. I was shocked that we were doing it ALL wrong. It decreases the fluid and helps alot, however, a little disclaimer here is that massage, esp. in lymph areas on cancer patients can be bad. We know where we stand, so we just want him comfortable. I think it can spread the tumors or something.

My dad's brother came by yesterday and my dad talked to him. Later, his two sons came as well. People are in a steady stream all of the sudden. I can tell it makes my dad tired, but I know it means he is loved and respected. No one can tell you that at your funeral, so it's good they are coming before hand.

I am holding up pretty well. We are having lots of family talks and he is open to talking about things. He is sad and cries alot, but I know he feels it is coming. He said so, he said he feels different.

Thank you all for you loyal support. I think of how many messages I have read and posted over the last three years and I just can't believe it. So many people have touched my life and I really appreciate that. It has made me stronger for these days ahead.Take care everyone.

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