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Queenie was posted 05/29/2006 02:55 am by CherylM
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I do intend to continue on with the chemo fight, it worked before, we really weren't done and there is more to do. I too love my gardens and want to see them in bloom many more times without adding the 'is this the last time' count. Molly (out of the blue) asked me to go wedding gown shopping should I deteriorate with no wedding in sight . Just the same wavelength of thinking is all I need. We've agreed to put our cancer troubles in a little silver bag and try to work around them - she needs to concentrate on work and life and I need to find a way to have my family help maintain the quality of life I would like (I don't mind the sound of the saw cutting up next years kindling wood through my feverish nap). My gingerale is this early morning's comfort. And I still have high school students needing my full attention until they graduate and leave school June 19. Paula, my deepest best wishes for a sound decision and my prayers are also with you. Queenie, also with you. Cheryl - and I know I'll feel better as soon as the last of the ache in my side from shingles disappears

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