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Jules was posted 05/19/2006 05:47 pm by Nadia
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Jules, Here's your pep talk! Study hard for the exam tomorrow, as difficult as it may be - your dad will be so proud of you that you are keeping your promise and getting your education.

I've been where you are and know how difficult it is, but do the very best you can. You'll feel good to hand in the test and get back to the hospital.

Now for the antibiotics - with one of my mom's infections, she didn't respond well to the IV antibiotics she was on and the Dr. said that sometimes the IV version takes longer to get into the system than the pill form. The problem was she was too sick to keep the pill form down so IV were best. They did actually start working in about 36 hrs. The other thing is it may not be the right drug for the bacteria that is causing the problem. Perhaps more cultures are needed to get a very specific drug to work a bit better.

It's a shame is ward is so cramped. Is it possible to get him a bedside potty and just pull the drapes around the bed so he has privacy. If he's needing to go that much, it would surely save him some steps and energy.

Best wishes on your test and with your dad. -Nadia

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