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thanks txgal was posted 05/18/2006 02:03 pm by jules
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txgal, thanks - yes i am tired.. sick of the whole thing and fed up with this dreadful disease and hate seeing my dad tired, depressed, scared etc etc..

however, i will never give up, today i spoke with the nurse who is looking after him - she didn't give much away other then to say that they are now querying infection caused by an abcess - this is treatable - my dad will have a ct and have it drained, i believe that it is due to the low white blood cell count post chemo and a hang over from the surgery.. I am determined to get him through this - get it treated, get him home and back on course with the treatment to finally knock this thing on the head. i am also very hopeful for the trial if the chemo does not work - the dr said the trial is producing 'miraculous results'

hope your dad is okay - what is happening with him now? - I appreciate your support - I am rooting for everybody on this board - we need some good news - i think losing tony has really upset us too..


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