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Carcinoma was posted 05/14/2006 02:46 am by BMP78
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Hi all! I discovered this board while researching bile duct carcinomas. My mom has struggled over the past ten years with gallstones. She had her gallbladder removed in 1996 and had to wear a external sac in 1997. She is in and out of the hospital for gall stones. She goes in about once a year to get them cleared out. Last month, she was hospitalized and given blood transfusions. A colonoscopy was done and nothing detected. However, last week she went in for a ercp to remove a stent and I got a call Friday morning that they found carcinoma. She has an x-ray scheduled for Tuesday and she got blood work this morning. I am terrified! Up until this point the 'C' word has never been mentioned. I am hoping they caught it early enough that she will be able to survive. I am a worry wart. I am authorized to get her medical info from the doctor. But why would the nurse tell me this if her blood work has been good and not all testing has been done? Is it possible that this could be a fluke? I am hoping so.

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