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Amie, it's 'just' a gathering was posted 04/06/2006 11:06 am by Barbara in NJ
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Folks on the B-board and M-board are great about supporting fundraisers, as you may have already noticed. But over the years, as we all have gotten to know each other's stories online, some of us have wanted to actually meet the people we've been chatting with. There have been gatherings in several different parts of the U.S., but never one in the Northeast. Of course, some of us have met at various fundraisers in the NE, but there hasn't been an opportunity to just get together and hang out for a few days.

In the past, the gatherings have been announced on the boards, and then any discussion of them is moved to the F-board (to keep the M & B boards focused on their missions). Of course, this F-board ALSO has a mission.... so that's why I have asked folks to NOT discuss the gathering on this baord, but to email me. If you had emailed me, I would have been able to send my reply directly to you, rather than clutter us this board with non-fundraising discussions. The gatherings are open to anyone who wants to meet people from any of the boards: caregivers, PC warriors, and family members.

To anyone who is upset about me posting here, please contact me directly via email, or contact Beth via the JH feedback link. The JH board monitors are the ones who suggested we use the F-board to arrange gatherings.

If you'd like to attend a fundraiser in the NE, there are several listed here, including the Lusgarten Walk, and a fishing outing in Belmar.



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