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My name is Angel Manley, daughter of Anna Faye Burnett. Faye was born in Grayson Kentucky in 1947 and was raised on the farm. Momma is a very loving person who adores her grandson, Tyler. She was a homemaker until around 1990, at that point she went to work at a sewing factory. I remember Momma always finding a way to make sure that we had everything we needed growing up and sometimes a few things extra, just because. Momma and Dad got a divorce in 2001 after 30 years of marriage. Momma is shy, very timid and gets lost for words at times, however if you get her angry... OHH weee.. After you get to know her, she can talk to you for hours and you would think, she is a wonderful person.

Mom was diagnosed on October 31, 2005 with Pancreatic Cancer. We tried to have the Whipple procedure done in November but when the doctor went in he advised us that the cancer had already went to her lymph nodes. The next step was to start chemotherapy and radiation which was done at Caritas Cancer Center with Dr Jones. Dr Jones is a remarkable person who is very considerate, caring and excellent bedside manner. You can tell when he talks to you that the patient is the only one on his mind at that time. Mom took 8 weeks of chemo/radiation and completed her course on January 24, 2006. During the treatments she did very well, however when the treatments were complete she was very weak and has not been able to build her strength back up. In the beginning I would say that Momma's weight was around 150, at this moment she is down to 116 lbs. It is hard for her to keep anything down, even with enzymes.

Mom is a breast cancer survivor of 11 years! She is a fighter, I know that the Lord has a reason for everything and I am so thankful that he has given me 30 years with my Momma. When that time comes knocking at the door, I will miss her dearly but I know that she will be looking over us and I will see her someday.

Prayers and Hugs to Everyone


Posted 03/10/2006 12:33 am by ANGEL USA KY
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