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I'm So Sorry was posted 02/22/2006 03:45 pm by Vickey
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I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this.

It's been a little over a year (2/05/05) that my Mom died from BDC.

I spent the last two nights sleeping on her bedroom floor. When I ran out of things to tell her, I read her favorite scripture passages and sang (I'm a very bad singer) to her. It wasn't so much what I said but the sound of my voice seemed to calm her. I told her that everything would be fine and I would take care of my Dad for her. They had been married 55 years and she was worried about him. My Mom hated plastic flowers and I promised to keep the plastic flowers policed off her grave. That made her smile. One of the last things she did after she quit speaking was wink at my son (one of only two grandchildren). He treasures that memory.

Her eyes were also half closed. The hospice nurse gave me drops to put in her eyes to keep them moist. She also received morphine which kept her from being agitated.

One of the things I read about liver cancer was that the patient could vomit blood near the end. Mom didn't have that symptom but I was prepared for it if she had.

The next years will be hard without him but your Dad would want you to live a full and wonderful life, just like he did.

My prayers will be with you.


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