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New Stents now working ! was posted 02/21/2006 10:19 pm by Tony UK
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Hi Everyone, Since the Blood Test last Wednesday (br = 433) to Monday this week (Br = 331), the Billirubin level has fallen 100 points which is very good news. Although this value is still very high (Norm < 20), it does now been that the Liver Function is back working after the ERCP Procedures, and that the new Stents metal this time, not plastic are doing their job well. Br needs to fall to <70 to restart Chemo, which I assume is the next step, unless Nigel Heaton needs to do some more tests first. Liver Enzymes are also fairly stable and showing a persistent, but slight decrease.

It is, after all, only 10 Days since I left Kings but clearly feels a lot longer !

I feel pretty good at the moment, bit more energy, able to get out and do things, shopping etc.

So, a little bit of good news to balance the very tragic stories of late - Good Luck to you all, sepecially those suffering so much at the moment - Tony

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