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Yes, my sister is another case of pancreatic cancer. This journey she is taking is not alone. I feel almost everything she does. I am glad to say however, that since she was diagnosed in 2005, she has not experienced any type of pain or discomfort. Even now, that she is hospitalized she is not suffering and we are very thankful for that. Well, it all started February 2005 when my mother had just passed and we were all home from the funeral, grieving and missing mom. About two weeks after mom's death, Madelyn turned yellow. We all noticed it and wondered what is happening. Well, we went to the doctor who sent her to the clinic for test. She had a blood test, CT scan and whatever they needed. Well, one of the tests scheduled for Madelyn required hospitalization. She was hospitalized, tested, received nothing by mouth and was awaiting another test. These tests were delayed and the delay brought on an alarming event. She started to bleed and the blood was coming out of her like a small leaking tap. They sent her to scoping room where I heard the diagnosis. The doctor called me in th e room and told me that my sister has terminal pancreatic cancer. My knees became weak and wobbly and I grabbed the doctor's leg like it was my only hope of life. I was devastated and my sister did not hear a word. I cried like a baby. I told the doctor that my sister and I had to go somewhere on the 14th of February. The doctor told me that he would recommend me as my sister's heir to all that she owns because if she did not stop bleeding, she will die before the 14th. Well, thank the Lord, (Jesus)her bleeding stopped, she recovered and she went home but only within a month's time. My sister refused to undergo the Whipple procedure because she was told that death could occur during the operation, she refused chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy because she was told that death could occur within 6 months after undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. She went home and did well. One thing that went well but was alarming. She was losing weight and losing weight rapidly. From the beginning, Madelyn weighed 270 pounds. After her hospital visit she weighed 200 pounds. After 4 months and a visit to the Cancer Clinic she weighed 179 pounds. After another 4 months and her return to the hospital she weighs 139 pounds. Well within those last 4 months she could not really eat and keep her food down, not even water. Now she is in the hospital, she is receiving IV therapy with potassium chloride and a vein line in for TPN therapy. Her doctors told her after CT scans, Upper GIs and etc, that she does have a blockage and she has 2 alternatives. I will be talking to her physicians tomorrow about these two choices. Does anyone out there have any information for me? I know that Jesus only has been her stay.

Talk to me somebody, somewhere.


Posted 02/15/2006 01:16 am by sisterjosie
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