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GOOD NEWS was posted 02/14/2006 11:55 pm by ellie -ny
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Cheryl I am also 56, at least for two more days, and today got an early birthday present---A NEGATIVE PET SCAN---. I was asymptomatic until 4/05 when I turned day-glo orange and then started running fevers in the 102-103 range, as my father died of PC you know what went through my mind. Liver enzymes through the roof, insertion of stent with brushings with a negative pathology. CAT scans, sonograms and MRCP showing no tumors. CA19-9 less than 100. Positive radioactive scan showing GB disease, they took that out in early May. By June my color was back to pale yellow and x-rays showed the stent was gone. Repeat stent placement and again washings were negative for malignancy. Referral to surgical oncologist at University hospital 45 miles from home and his recommendation was Whipple. As a nurse for more years than I care to admit I questioned such radical surgery when my tests were essentially negative, by now my liver enzyme had begun a downward trend, but as I have a son of 16 and lost my husband less than 4 years ago I felt backed into a corner. The surgery was in late July and I did, in the words of the surgeon, remarkably well. Margins clear but 3 positive lymph nodes, distal common bile duct cancer with no pancreatic involvement. Pet scan prior to starting chemo on 9/27 showed 2 area of increased uptake felt to be recurrent or residual tumor , CA19-9 now about 36 [normal]. Radiation added to treatment [28 treatments] and chemo is ongoing for 3 more sessions. Chemo is taxotere and cysplatin. Repeat Pet on 2/10 was negative. I know my battle isn't over but I decided to post tonight to give hope to those who may be less than hopeful, to share my good news with people who can understand why I sat in that chemo chair today with tears steaming down my face, and to Thank God for today and hopefully many days to come.

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