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Tony was posted 02/11/2006 12:51 am by Queenie
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Like I said, I think it's neat you post to us from the hospital. I think you are the first and only to do that!

Dad is okay right now. The ascites is his only symptom. He feels fine. It wierd. I looked at his bloodwork last night and charted it. Other than the cancer markers being high, all the rest looks good. His CA19-9 is at 5600 but that is probably because its in his belly fluid. He always wants to eat! They think it may be PC, but still getting testing...petscan tommorrow. We went to a chemo class yesterday and he dozed off due to boredom, then when it was done, looked at me and said, All this chemo stuff makes me hungry, let's go to lunch! What a character. No pain, no loss of energy or appetite, no weight loss. We are hoping with chemo, it may give him a little more time. Only God knows. Hope your bili is on it's way down Tony. Take good care...Queenie

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