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My wonderful father Bob passed at the ripe young age of 53 years. Beloved father of 3 girls (26, 29, 31) a wonderful wife of 34 years and 2 grandchildren the age of 2. I will tell you his whole story in hopes that it may help somebody else... In the late summer of 2005 he experienced mild back pain, it continued to get worse near the end of October and he started taking more pain killers for it and he chalked it up to getting old. By the end of October he started with the abdominal pain, he was constipated at the time and he went to his doctors and she thought his abdominal pain was due to the constipation and prescribed him some laxatives. By early November it was so bad he could barely stand up. He went back to his doctor and she scheduled him for an ultrasound which wasn't for a few more days. On November 11th we brought my father into emergency because his pain was unbearable (keep in mind we live in Canada), they sent him home after giving him a shot of pain killer. Of course the pain came back a few hours later. On November 15th I brought my Dad for his ultrasound, nothing prepared us for what came next. The doctor informed my Dad that he had a spot on his pancreas. The fear in his eyes and the tears that followed after he told me that will live in my mind forever. His CT scan was not scheduled until the end of the month. We brought my Dad back to emergency 3 days later because he now had jaundice and the pain was horrible and the percocet the doctor perscribed was no longer sufficient. The admitted my dad into the hospital that day and on the following day they did his CT scan. Two more days later we got the results from the CT scan. We were all told that it was most likely Pancreas Cancer and it was most likely malignant and that it was spread to surronding lymph nodes and his liver. The devestating news tore our hearts in 2, but we remained strong for my dad who wanted to be positive (like always) and move on to the next step to cure himself. He was ready for chemo. In the weeks that followed he was in and out of the hospital 3 different times and had his lungs drained once from fluid and his stomach drained of fluid (ascites). We finally met with the Oncologist on December 14th and they gave him the option to try chemo. He was more then willing and didn't care about the side effects, he wanted to get better. So he tried it once and didn't suffer many side effects from 1 time. On Christmas Eve we brought my Dad back into the hospital because his breathing became so bad and he was having such a tough time moving around. At the hospital he had a chest scan and the ER doc told us his lungs were full of tumors and that he may not make it a week. 2 days later he passed on December 26th. It wasn't a pretty site, his body filled with fluid until it reached his mouth until he basically choked on it. Sorry to be so graphic, I just want to prepare people. I have never had such a feeling of being so helpless and watching somebody be in so much pain. The nurses said he wasn't in pain because he was on so many pain meds to relax him. He was in and out of consciousness as well. My dad Bob was such a great man, so selfless, loving, honourable, thoughtful, gentle, generous, proud, hard working, dedicated, I could go on and on. Most of all, he loved everbody, never judged and he always managed to find good in so many people. We loved him dearly and will miss him gratly. We will treasure every second we spent with him, he honestly was the world's best father. We all agreed! Thanks.

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