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Pancreatic Cancer Foundation was posted 10/25/2005 06:30 pm by Anonymous
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November is Pancreatic Cancer awareness month! My name is Traci Krawiecki and we are hosting the first annual 'Walk for the Dogs' in reference to the Jeanenne Thompson Foundation. She showed dogs and they were very near to her heart. We are a non-profit organization, and tax deductible. 10% goes to the K-9 unit of the city we are hosting in and the rest to PANCAN.ORG. My Mom past away from ovarian cancer when I was 15, I am 26 now, and my grandmother from breast cancer before I was born. This year my grandmother-in-law past away from pancreatic cancer February 15, 2005. She is the second person I have know who has past from pancreatic cancer. My mom's best friend past in 2002 from pancreatic cancer. The first annual walk is June 3, 2006. I know this is a lot to ask but is there anyway you can spread the word or make a donation. We are a non-profit organization. My Aunt-in-law Christi Meritt started this foundation. She is an inspiration to me. This origination is very important to me and the rest or our family. I want to get the word out about pancreatic cancer. I understand if this is to much to ask. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Traci Krawiecki

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