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chuck was posted 08/25/2005 10:02 am by queenie
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Hi Chuck,

First of all it sounds like the stent has slipped and probably is no longer effective. We tried three stents for my Mom and they all slipped so we finally got them to place a external biliary tube which drained outside the body at first then once it works properly it drains internal.

Since you have no oncologist then a gastroenteroligist should be the Doc helping your Mom. My Mom's had her doc until the end. We never had a oncologist either. The gastro doc will know what to do. If they don't or have never worked with this cancer you should open a file with patient services and demand they give you one even if from another hospital and they pay for it. But I am certain every hospital has a gastroenteroligist, that's who should be caring for her. Her GP can also order things here and there but is not equipped to deal with this cancer.

I know how frustrating this whole thing is but hang in there. You will find things really move for you if you contact patient services and open a file.

Take Care and come back with any further needs.


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