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I recently came across this website about pancreatic cancer and have found it to be exceedingly helpful in terms of information and other resources.I have chosen to share the experience my dad went through 15 years ago. Its old, but is as fresh as yesterday in my memory

My dad was approximately 41 years old when he returned from site work (he was a civil engineer)in august 1988 with jaundice. He displayed all symptoms of jaundice including yellowing of skin and eyes and discoloration of stools and frequent nausea. All conventional cures for jaundice failed. He was finally admitted in october 1988 for full diagnosis. This is when they discovered the presence of a tumor on the head of the pancreas (not knowing yet whether or not it was malignant).

Surgery was performed to try and relieve the situation toward late october 1988. The tumor was found to be very hard and quite large and it was deemed to be too risky to try and remove it. Instead, a bypass procedure was performed to clear the bile that had spread throughout his bloodstream (refer to jaundice above).The surgery thus left the tumor intact and he was released in mid november 1999. My dad was left completely in the dark about his condition and his cancer all this while and he thought this was probably the end of his sufferings

To our (temorary) relief, he started getting better, eating normally and even returned to work in early 1989. I , then 12, thought he was getting better when my grandparents decided it would be best that we go in for radiation therapy to try and get rid of the tumor that was still ticking. Radiation was started in May 1989 and just as I had feared for some reason, his condition started deteriorating. He quit working and was taken to a convalescence center to recuperate. However, his condition kept worsening. He developed swellings in his arms, legs and feet which staretd getting more and more cold to the touch. Late in 1989 (around October, November), he started developing what is known as ascitis (massive swelling up of the abdomen)which kept getting worse by the day.

At a point he was unable to sit, stand, walk or sleep. I have never seen anyone suffer so much. He couldn't take it physically, but being mentally strong, his willpower kept him going. Late in 1989, december, he was readmitted, this time for good. No remedy, no cure no therapy could now save this young person now. In the end, on Jan 18, 1990, he passed on leaving behind my broken grandparents who were in their late 70's at the time.

I know this is an old incident, but I have been haunted by it every single day of my life since then. All life occurences since then have been viewed in the light of this singular event. Its almost impossible for me to let go especially since my dad was only 42 at at the time of his demise with all his dreams of making it really big lying shattered in the dust.

We have been unable to find out the cause of this sudden and most terrible of diseases especially since he was of extremely robust health since birth. Never drank except on social occasions but used to smoke in his teens. He also was quite fond of non-vegetarian food.

Another point I wish to mention is he started complaining of back ache in 1987. So severe was it that we had to get him a back belt to relieve his pain.

I wish to offer my help to anyone out there who may be in a similar situation or their relatives. Please feel free to email me.


Posted 08/24/2005 12:56 am by Anoop
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