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Is this common... was posted 08/23/2005 10:56 pm by Chuck
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I feel guilty as I have posted before and everyone else is so good at making comments that are so supportive to others. I apologize for not being one of those at this point. Mom had her stent placed on July 25 and within 2 days was feeling much better. Doctors said the stent should last 3 months and then just over 2 weeks later, she's got a low grade fever and within days she's starting to yellow again. I truly believed we had more time. We called the doctor(oncologist) Monday morning...didn't get a call back until after 12:30p.m. He deferred to the Dr. who did the stent...she finally called back late this morning. Dr. who did stent is asking who is in charge...mother has elected not to do the chemo as she already has zero energy so I think the oncologist wants nothing more to do with us. Said she would prescribe some antibiotics, and order some tests. Finally, I made a call to see where we are with this and the office staff left in charge had left for the day. Fortunately, I work at the hospital where the tests were to be the orders and we got the tests run. I have no idea where we're going from here. My concern is that we have no Dr. who is going to be in charge of this case now. I want my mother to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. Is that too much to ask? I can't force her to have chemo, but should we expect that any of these physicians will do anything if she doesn't do the chemo. I am very frustrated with the medical profession at this point. Can anyone tell me which doctor is actually in charge of their care. Family, surgeon, oncologist, internist, etc.? By the way, her family GP retired August 5 so we feel like we're flapping in the wind.

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