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what is worse the bile duct di was posted 08/23/2005 11:11 am by Jean
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I'm just found this much info..thank all of you..My husband was dx with cholangiocarcinoma, Sept 1,2004, it had spread to his colar bone and thigh question is we have heard that it's not the cancer that will kill him it's the bile duct diesease..we are at MD Anderson the Dr.s have been great.but it's all pallaitive care. He has had surgery on both tumors and radiation on his thigh..3 cycle of chemo, and a bilary drain to the outside, they said that he could no have a internal stent due to the bile duct diesease..We have had so much trouble with the drain..just got him out of the hospital with a infecton, because the drain clogged and backed up..then he got dehydrated because he was draining too much..the chemo has shrunk the main tumor it is in his bile duct in the liver..just did radiation on his hip where a spot was, it seems the Dr. said his just spreads to his bones. The Dr. really gets sideways when his bili goes beyond 1.5..and I've seen on this board where some of you have had it as high as 26..I'm just trying to figure out where to go next..Dr. won't even discuss by where do we go from here..

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