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My sister just diagnosed was posted 08/22/2005 10:02 am by Darleen
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My sister (43 years old) was just diagnosed last week for either distal bile duct cancer or pancreatic cancer. The surgeon said they won't know 100% where the cancer is until they do the Whipple on Sept. 16. All of her CAT scans (3 of them) do not show anything except a dilation of bile duct. She's also had ERCP twice (stent) and EUS/FNA and Pet Scan. All test came back negative until the latest ERCP in which they did brushings in her bile duct and on the Pancreas. This test came back positive for cancer. She's very scared and so is my whole family. I will be her primary caregiver after the surgery. I just need someone to tell me how to take care of her after the surgery. I'm very upset because she just became a grandmother of twin boys 5 months ago, and they need her in their lives. This has been a 2 month roller coaster, and I need to feel their is hope in all of this.

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