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Meidi - My Mum was posted 08/21/2005 07:37 pm by Cathy Australia
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Dear Heidi,

I am so sorry for your loss.

My Mum has a similar story to yours. She passed away on Good Friday this year after 4 months of illness. I am having a hard time actually believing what has happened. My Mum was quite healthy up until the 1st of December 2004 when she went to the GP becuase she had turned yellow. She got scans done and we found out that she had stage IVB inoperable BDC. We were only told it was BDC after stents were put in at a later date and the gastroenterologist said that the shape of the tumors were cholangiocarcinoma.

My Mum was my best friend.. About 10 years ago she had a 'sluggish gallbladder' which 'did not need to be taken out' according to her specialist. Looking back she allways had itchy shins and an itchy scalp. I must admit I am a bit 'itchy like that too'. She developed adult onset diabetes about 2 years ago and was faithfully following the Low GI diet to stay healthy.

When Mum was very sick in hospital it was explanied to me that the 'sluggish gallbladder' was probably the start of everything. The itchiness was a symptom of BD Bockage and the diabetes was probably the cancer spreading to the Pancreas and not working properly.

Like you I am having a hard time comprehending was has happened. I cannot believe the specialist about Mum's gallbladder did not take it out.

I have found the bereavement board a lot of help too. I hope you are going OK.

Love Cathy

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