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Good Day was posted 08/16/2005 12:54 pm by Mary Beth
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Today was a good day for my Mom. We actually went out to breakfast just the two of us. (older kids are in school and the twins returned to daycare - I go back to work Monday after the summer off). It was really nice to have some time alone together. She ate great, and even felt like a trip to the library. She's a retired librarian, and my first memories are of her taking me to the library. I'll never be able to go into a library without thinking of my mother!

However, I do have a new concern...she's having quite a bit of pain behind her right shoulder blade. Any ideas? She saw the gastr. doctor last week, and he didn't think it was a blood clot. (She gets daily Lovenox injections) He just said to follow up with the onc. if it doesn't resolve. So far Advil takes care of it, but she has a very hard time with narcotics (vomitting) so I don't if she'd admit it if the Advil wasn't working.

I hope everyone who reads this is also able to have a good day. Take care...Mary Beth

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