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hi, my name is sue. I have just gotten the news my younger brother 'Neil' has pancreatic cancer, he is 39 yrs.old. I am at such a loss of words, so I immediately wanted information. Our parents both died 3 yrs. ago, and Neil got involved with drugs, severly. He was a paramedic in the Army, and was voted 3 times 'most valuable player' for out cities baseball team, and while he was on a team in Germany. He married a wonderful girl, but the drugs ended everything, and Neil began stealing cars. Neil and I were always close, even thru his escapades, he was loveable. Despite putting him in re-hab twice, he couldn't quit. Finally, he was arrested on Federal property, and did 9 mo. prison time, and was ordered drug treatment. This time he totally embraced it, and my prayers were answered. He came to stay with us last week, and what a glorious time we had! He was clean and sober. His now ex-wife still staying in contact with him, in hopes his recovery was true, and it is. We had a rough upbringing, but here we finally are, and I can't help but believe this was God's calling to bring Neil home, and at this moment, I am, in the midst of devastation, yet, so grateful I got last week with him, before he was given the final news. To see my brother anxious to begin living the way God intended, and the sparkle in his eyes, that had been gone for such a long time, will make this journey with him much easier. I will continue to read support letters, and hope my brothers final end will be peacful. Thanks for having a outlet for me at this time, when I can't speak, but needed to share with someone.

Posted 07/09/2005 03:04 pm by SUEB
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