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Jumping in was posted 07/09/2005 05:39 am by Marj
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Hi Carole. When you get to the walk you can see a few picnic tables set back from the path-they are the only ones visible. It has become a tradition for members of this pc chat board to all meet there after the walk. Just walk on over and introduce yourself and your husband. Pack a lunch and some beer or wine if you would like a cocktail. While the walk is at 9:30, we meet after the walk so it will probably be around 10, 10:30 when we meet. The cocktail tradition started two years ago when a board buddy (St. Gerard) started making mimosas! A tradition was borne! As for your hubby, the walk is a one mile, a three mile and a five mile. It is a stoll through the gardens-no one really runs it. If he feels he can walk the mile, let him do so-otherwise you can call Lustgarten (get the number from their web site at and I am sure they will welcome him as a volunteer. Looking forward to meeting you. We are Team 4GS (for Grandma Sue). Grandma Sue was my mom who died last year. She walked with us the first year. Now we walk for her.

Oh-regarding a team vs. not joining a team. The only real difference is that you get a team photo taken for free if you are on a team. Otherwise, no one would really know the difference. We have a fair amount of people so we formed a team.

See you soon-Marj

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