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My husband Rocky was dx 2/26/04 and had the whipple 3/1/04. He had stage IV pc, they said that they had got it all. After a few months of recovery he started chemo, GTX. He was on that for 6 months,2 weeks on one week off. It was hard on him to watch the way his body changed with the weight lose. He is in construction work and builds hospitals so he was in good shape to start. In Jan. of 2004 we had decided to get married in July when his sister would be coming to vist. After he got dx he though i would want to change my mind but i assured him i was not changing my mind.We where marrired on July 4th and it was a surprise to everyone invited,they thought they were just coming for a cook out.Thats my husband he loves to do crazy things and make people smile. Nov. 2004 he finished his chemo and was doing great. We thought maybe he was one of the lucky ones. In april 2005 had a ct and pet scan done the cancer was back. Now with meds to the liver and lung. He is now having radiation and will be having chemo again. I give him credit cause he still has a good outlook on it. He told the doctor i beat it once I'll do it again. I'll be there next to him fighting it all the way.

Posted 05/06/2005 11:50 am by wanda
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