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An addendum about my John

My husband, John Sulzman, was diagnosed on March 3, 2004 with metastatic pancreatic cancer. At the time of diagnosis he was already stage IV, with metastases to the liver. He had chemo treatment with Gemzar and Cis-platinum, and he did very well for about seven months. He had been fit and healthy; never so much as a bout of flu before this. After seven months the tumor began to grow again and he was to begin a trial of other chemo agents but his white blood counts and red counts wouldn't tolerate it. He became very anemic and no more chemo could be offered. Even then, he did OK for a few weeks. But the cancer moved into the lining of his lungs and his lungs began to fill up. He was in the hospital twice to have a chest tube inserted, and after the second time he said that he would never go in the hospital again. He continued to have trouble with his breathing and with fluid on his lungs, requiring oxygen. He also needed increasing doses of morphine to control his pain. He died here at home on December 14, 2004, very peacefully. His family and friends were there that night, and both my son and I were holding his hand when he died. He was so very patient and brave with this awful disease. I hope and pray with all my heart that a cure can be found so that no one else has to go through what so many of us here have gone through. God bless and keep you all, patient and caregivers, families and friends.

Posted 03/05/2005 06:06 pm by Susannah
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