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I am adding the bio of my father.

My dad was 56 when he died on January 29th, 2005. He was diagnosed with stage 4b pancreatic cancer which had metastasized to his liver on October 22, 2004. He was given no hope by any of the well-known oncologists he consulted with. He was told if he did nothing, he'd be gone in about 1-3 months, with Gemzar he might live 6 months.

Dad was a well-known journalist. He was active, vibrant, handsome and a great grandfather. To learn about him, you can do a Google search (Go to, then click on NEWS, and type in 'Lou Ziegler'). He saw his diagnosis as a death sentence. He sought multiple opinions, researched his options and became a private patient of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in NYC (affiliated with Columbia-Presbytarian). When he got to him in November, though, his CA 19-9 was so high--had gone from 2509-89,000 in 4 weeks. Then he developed blood clots in the legs and a pulmonary embolism sitting on his vena cava.

Well, Dad worked as a newspaper editor until 2 weeks before he died. He left Fargo (where he worked) and he and my stepmother went to Naples, FL , where they also have a home. I flew down there and spent the last 6 days of his life with him (I also visited him with my little boy in November). I was holding his hand (as was his wonderful wife) when he died. I am his duaghter and am the one who's been online since the beginning. I am 29, have a son born 9/2003 and another son due in June 2005. I love my dad and miss him terribly.

Posted 02/23/2005 12:11 pm by Karley
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