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16 months Post Whipple was posted 01/21/2005 07:27 pm by Marge/Annapolis, MD
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I had a Whipple in Sept. 2003. Dr. Yeo at JHH did the surgery and was great. They thought I had pancreatic cancer until he got in there and found a tumor on the bile duct. He called an ampular carcinoma of the bile duct. He took 12 lymph nodes, a half of the pancreas head, and the gall bladder. The margins of the tumor were clear. The lymph nodes and pancreas were benign. I had 30 radiation treatments along with Xeloda which started 8 weeks after the surgery. They gave me a month to recover from the radiation, which only made me tired toward the end, and then I had 5 more months of Xeloda. That finished at the end of this past August. I have had 4 catscans since the Whipple and all have been clear. I think it was worth going through all this to have a chance to live. I'm 61 and think I'm too young to die yet.

This is my second time dealing with cancer. In l993 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma stage II. The chemo for it was so much more toxic than the radiation and Xeloda. It was also a 6 month regimen.

I beat it the first time around and plan to do the same this time. You have to have a positive outlook. I hope this helps you.


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