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my wife sheila 48 yrs with 3 young teenage girls -- was having in april 04 alot of stomach 'problems'-- ie.. heartburn, bloating discomfort and had trouble digesting -with some vomiting. she quickly went to our family MD- who presribed several medications..she also folowed up with him over the next two weeks.. with no results, he sent her to a stomach specialast, which i took the day off from work to be with her.. at this point her life seemed very stressfull and she was depressed which was unlike her normal self--(depression is also included in signs and characteritics of pc) This dr thought she had irritable bowel sydrum-- and suggested doing a colonostopy test --- he precribed more meds which seemed to help her--- the colnostopy test was perfect--but the stomach still was -not--ON JUNE 20TH 2004 sheila was in much discomfort --this was father's day---i called the gastro dr--who told me it sounds like gall bladder attack-- who suggested i take her to emer room-- i did just that and emer dr--said she feels it is just stomach ailment BUT-SHE CLAIMS MANY PEOPLE COME TO ER WITH STOMACH -PAIN--''LETS DO CAT SCAN JUST TO MAKE SURE' --SHE CLAIMS DR DON'T USE THEIR HEADS ANYMORE --THEY DO TESTS! WELL 5 HRS LATER I HEARD HER ON THE TELEPHONE WITH RADIOLGIST SAYING 'ON MY GOD'--- SHE SOON CAME TO TELL US BOTH THAT THERE IS MASS ON PANCREAS-- WE NEED TO FOLLOW UP--SHEILA WAS ADMIDDED TO ROOM FOR THE NIGHT --NEXT MORN-- ALL DRS KEPT SAYING ' FIGURE THE WORST' NICE THING TO SAY TO HOSPITAL PATIENT-- I KNEW I HAD TO GET HER OUT OF THIS LOCAL HOSPITAL SO I DID--i took her with appoit to big hospital in penna which i will keep nameless --we saw top surgeon who painted bleak picture of diagnosis -- his nurse originally asked us who is recpient and donor in the transplant --i really knew i was in wrong hands as i knew you don't transplant a pancreas especially you don't remove mine to give to her --enough with that hospital and dr-- we went quickly to unniv of penna to see DR FRAKER-- A REAL GREAT GUY- he told us that he was afraid that this is cancer but thought he could help!! he cordinated all tests and procedures-- the tests were positive of pc adeocarcinoma --1 .8 cm head of pancreas---- mesenterac vein involvment NO SURGERY AT THIS POINT--- DR ..SUGGESTED CHEMO ---RADIATION-- FIRST TO TRY TO GET MESENTERAC VEIN AWAY FROM TUMOUR- we used DR JAMES METZ FOR RADIOLOGY ONCO AND DR WEJING SUNN -FOR CHEMO ONCO-- both were realy nice men and we started 6 week course of 24 --7 chemo and 5 day radiation treatments-- they were ok for first 2 weeks--- tougher 2nd two weeks and very difficult last two weeks and next two weeks after that-- alot of nausea -- vomiting and that stuff- sheila lost close to 20lbs--she began at 120lbs she was hospitalized last 8 days of treatment because of extreme weakness and her body being so 'out of sorts' the good news is thather tumour shunk slightly and the vein had clerance --and dr suggested to now go back to surgeon-- we quickly went back to DR FRAKER -- who explained that we are going to 'take a shot at performing the wipple' but---he wanted a new dr who has recently joined the unniv of penna --which i had already read about from this board --he is DR JEFFREY DREBIN-they explained that drebin was a wipple expert and fraker had a very busy schedule and drebin was prepared for the challenge... DREBIN EXPLAINED THAT THERE WOULD BE 20% CHANCE OF ABORTING THE WIPPLE BECAUSE OF METS SOMEWHERE ELSE IN BODY AND 50% CHANCE ONCE PROCEDURE STARTS THAT HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO REMOVE THE TUMOUR BECAUSE OF ITS LOCATION-- WE HAD NO CHOICE BUT to try THE ATTEMPT-- AFTER A 8 HR OPERATION WHICH ENDED AT 11:15 PM-- I FINALLY HEARD drebin's VOICE LEAVING THE OR ROOM OUTSIDE THE ICU UNIT --I ASKED IS SHEILA OK--HE LOOKED EXHAUSTED BUT HAPPILY SAID THESE EXACT WORDS WE GOT IT IT'S GONE!!!!! we both sat down together and he explained that the next 48 hours are critical and life thretaning in sheila's case because he had to sacrifice some blood vessels near the bowel to get to the tumour-- he had no choice--- DR DREBIN TOLD ME HE WAS WORRIED VERY MUCH AS HER STOMACH DID START TO SWELL... -WE WATCHED HER CAREFULLY AS SHE DID BECOME BETTER!! AS OTHER PEOpLE HAVE CLAIMED SHEILA LOOKED LIKE SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT WITH TUBES AND MONITORS EVERYWHERE--- she soon went to regular room--- after afew days i got call from my sister inlaw-- in middle of night that sheila went back to icu-- fever -- stomach swell etc -- DR DREBIN AGAIN VERY WORRIED ABOUT BOWEL --HE INSERTED ALL THE STOMACH TUBES AGAIN-- AND HAD HER SRICTLY ON JUST IV FLUIDS AND TPN FEEDINGS -- she stayed in icu for about 5-6 days --and then back to surgical floor --her total hospital stay was 3 weeks --- when she came home she got a little better each day but SLOWLY--HERES THE GOOD NEWS-- her path report shows all nodes to be negative -- with no spread of any cancer elsewhere !! dr says her report is about as favorable as it gets----- SHE HAD SURGERY NOV 9Th 04 -TODAY IS DEC 23 RD--SHILA IS STILL ON TPN FEEDINGS DAILY --NIGHTTIME -- SHE IS ON A VERY BLAND DIET STILL UNTIL BOWELL TOTALLY HEALS --ALOT OF SOUP PASTA LITTLE CHICKEN ETC-- SHE IS NOW BACK TO DRIVING ,SHE IS NOW BACK TO 110 LBLS NEEDS ANOTHER 10LBS--, SHE IS DOING SOME COOKING IN THE HOUSE , SHE FEELS REAL GOOD NO mORE NAUSEA , DEPRESSION , BLOATING ETC-SHE GOES SHOPpING FOR THE HOLIDAYS TO THE MALL, SHE GOES TO KIDS BASKETBALL GAMES ETC -- SHE HAS SOME GAS PAINS AT TIMES WHICH CAN BE SEVERE ( DR DREBIN SAYS THIS WILL GO AWAY IN TIME) -- OTHER THAN STILL BEING TIRED AND WEAK SHE IS ALMOST BACK TO HERSELF -- DR SAYS BY LATE FEBRUARY SHE WILL BE BACK TO HERSELF -WE ARE STARTING TO PLAN A SPECIAL FAMILY VACATION IN MARCH AROUND EASTER SCHOOL BREAK. WHEN YOU ARE DIAGONOSED YOU MUST BE POSITIVE , OPTOMISIC --and MUST BE REALISTIC AND YOU MUST FIGHT THE BATTLE..YOU MUST TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME AND MUST BELIEVE THAT ITS NEVER OVER TILL ITS OVER -- THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN TRY TO HELP YOURSELF - we feel very fortunate to be in the position we are in right now - thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers and wishes --we will do the same for all of you -- best of luck to all never give -- up ron and sheila

Posted 12/23/2004 07:54 am by ron
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