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Renee was posted 09/28/2004 11:22 pm by Queenie
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So good to hear from you. Hope life is getting a little better. It's been almost eight months and I still cried today while driving. Just missing Mom and still can't beleive she is gone...Sometimes it's amazing how your brain and your body protect you. Always know you can email me if you ever need a shoulder privately. I certainly know your road.

Let me tell you something...If my Mom is cooking for this crew they are lucky devils!! Sorry Angels!! She is probably making them some of her wonderful turkey with sweet potatoes and her potatoe salad and macaroni salad and her frog eye salad!! Then for dessert they are the luckiest. She was absolutely famous for her apple pies. But her banana creme, pecan and pumpkin would come in first at any contest. She was the ultimate baker and chef! Anyway, you better beleive she is fattening them all up and they are very happy right now.

Take good Care


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