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Liz was posted 09/27/2004 10:03 am by Debbie
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I'm glad it stopped leaking. I can honestly say I know exactly how you are feeling. Do you want me to send you the Moss Report? Also, go buy MGN-3 if you can find it at a health food store. The FDA has had Lane Labs pull it from the market b/c it has helped people and they want to market it as a prescrption. THe only problem is that that takes forever. My email address is dsteb82431 Please email me your address and I will forward all of the research we found. My mom is also drinking green tea, taking a powerful multivitamin, an antioxidnet, CoQ10 from New Chapter, Milk Weed Thistle (This is super important for your mom since she has the tubes in her liver)enzymes and mushrooms as well as a variety of supplements from Garden of Life. It The milk weed thistle helps support the liver and helps it do it's job easier. We buy solaray, but I just got an email from a lady who uses milk thistle from I will research this and pass it on to Mary B too. In a nutshell, she had colon cancer and the drs' removed it, but it was in her lymph nodes and she refused chemo and radiation and that was 10 years ago. She changed her diet took supplements etc. I talk to her alot. ANother thing, buy a juicer and juice a quart of carrot juice and cerely juice mixed and have your mom drink it throughout the day. Mom hasn't done this yet, but it came to us from the lady who sees Solomon. See my post below that says Clinical Trian and Alternatives. She told us to get Shark Cartiledge too and thats also in the Moss Report. Also, no sugar, no white flour, they say no dairy too, but mom has some once a week on her cereal. Mom is also drinking Evamor water. It helps to keep your ph from becoming too acidic. I could go on and on,but that's the nuts and bolts of it. If you get to a good health food store, there shoudl be a person who could also helpyou. You and your mom have to keep a postive attitude too. SHe has to say, the cancer is leaving my body and I will get well. My mom has had no treatment and it's going on 9 months. She is in Tennessee right now and we are heading to Chicago Thursday when she gets' back. Only God knows when we are going to be born and die. I don't knowthe future for my mom, but I do kknow the quality of her life has been normal and I am so very very grateful for that, even with the tubes. Unfortuanately, dr.s areen't trained in alternatives. If your mom does do chemo she must have an EVA test first. IT can determine ahead of time which chemo would work on her particular type of cancer. Again, this was int he MOSS report. Mary B has it too. Liz, Don't give up. Also, feel free to call JAne who's husband was given 6 months to lvie. She told me to post her number. IT's below on one of my posts. Good lulck Love, Debbie

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