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Liz was posted 09/24/2004 10:58 pm by Debbie from Ohio
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Hi Liz I am sorry you have a reason to be here, but we will all help. First, NO METAL STENT. My mom is 57 and has had tube and stent changes for 9 months. My mom was told by 2 prominent dr's to do a metal stent. They clog and can never be removed, so she decided against it.Like Debbie's post said below, have your mom put the bag on and then have her tubes redone. SOmetimes it can take 3 times to get it right. The tubes are connected to one another and after snaking through the liver, to the duct and to the intestine, they can come undone in there. My mom had hers changed 1 week ago and it leaked out the skin immediately when we got home. She put the bag on and it's fine. She is out of town now and next weekend we are going to Chicago so she isn't having it redone until later. Sometimes with her too, it's weird. She;ll use the bag for 2 weeks and then cap off and it's fine. It's strange. Dont give up.

Please read my many posts on alternatives below. We are doing a ton. The surgeon in Cincinnati said we don't do metal stents. We do tube changes. I have posted a name and number of a man who had Klatskins tumor and it was gone after going to an Amish faith healer. I know it may seem crazy, but call her. He refused chemo, radiation and the metal stent. Her name is Jane Rhodes. Good luck and let us know if we can help. Debbie in Ohio

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