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My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April 1999. She was 62. She had just returned from Florida with my dad and she was complaining of upper back pain. She was very good about seeing the doctor. Unfortunately, the news was not good. Pancreatic cancer. She had the whipple procedure (which we thought wa a success), but within a year the cancer returned. My mom my died the day after mothers day in 2000. We celebrated a beautiful mother's day with her - my sister (who was expecting her 4th child)went into labor and had her baby a few hours after my mom died. When God closes a door he usually always opens a window.

A few weeks before my mom died I asked her, 'how will I know that you are with me' and she said, 'whenever you see a pink balloon - I am there'. From that point on at every birthday, holiday, or special event someone in my family brings a pink balloon - my mom would be pleased.

It has been over three years - and as you can see it is still difficult. Losing someone who means the world to you is never easy. I would have to say that the one positive that came from this experience is that my mom had the opportunity to see how much we loved her and we got the the opportunity to show her.

Posted 09/10/2004 12:42 am by Her loving daughter - Bernice
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