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throw it... was posted 08/02/2004 01:23 am by sharolyn
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Hey Renee, We went to a 4th of July party that my sis really enjoyed. It was nice for her to get out, even though she was in a wheel chair and all, and had just gotten out of the hospital that monday. AND, two weeks ago, she went to one of her collegues homes, and sat in the living room while all the teachers she works with dropped by food and stuff. (She is in education, works at one elementary and a middle school - teachers are unbelievable in their support of a sick collegue, unbelievable...) It was a nice way for her to visit with everyone, without actually having to 'entertain' at her own home, and when she was tired, she left. So even at the end, they do still enjoy 'parties'. BUT, i would ask, and I would figure out a way for him to go that preserves his energy (wheel chair, etc.) It doesnt make a lot of sense to use up all the energy getting to the party, and then being miserable for it. I know we figured out this one really to late. But once we figured out use the dang wheel chair and save the energy for the important things, well...we did DisneyWorld and she had a blast!! This was about 6 weeks ago! And that was the visit she rode Rockin Roller Coaster. The goal is to help them enjoy life as normal as possible, and a birthday party is a pretty normal event!! Have fun!!

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