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Sharolyn was posted 08/01/2004 05:13 pm by Renee
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Hey Sharolyn. I totally understand. I was thinking the exact same thing today. It's like all of a sudden people with this cancer get a thousand times worse really fast. It is so sad to watch.

I got your email but our aol here at home doesn't let me write back to people. We had that sasser virus a couple of months ago and it wiped out programs/functions, etc. Neither one of us is a computer expert so I have no idea how to get aol to work again.

Do you have any other help with your sister and your kids and her son? That has to be so overwhelming for you. But she is lucky to have you to take care of her, you know, as hard as it is for you. Some people are alone and don't have anyone.

I know how you feel. Today I saw my dad without his shirt on, and I was terrified. He is all skin and bones. All skin and bones. Usually it doesn't look that bad b/c his belly is swollen, so he still looks a little 'big' but after today I just got so sad. I wish I could give him 20 big macs to eat to fatten him up so that he will be ok. I can understand Sharolyn. My heart goes out to you and your sister's little boy. This must be so painful for him.

Please post/vent whenever you are feeling this way. We're all here to listen.

Take care, Renee

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