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Gallbladder Cancer was posted 07/28/2004 05:24 pm by Martha
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Hi Eve, My mother was diagnosed in 2001 of Gallbladder cancer. She had been having problems, throwing up, pain, fever, etc. and was admitted to the hospital for routine gallbladder surgery. Three days after surgery the report came back she had cancer in the gallbladder, needless to say we were shocked. She was 72 years old and had always been very healthy, never smoked or drank and kept busy. I did so much research because the doctors didn't seem to know how to exactly handle this cancer, it is quite rare as you know. Basically she underwent six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy and had about six months of somewhat decent health, although it seemed as though things were constantly acting up, vomiting, fatigue, unexplained fevers and so on. Eventually she became quite jaundiced and needed a stent to allow the bile to drain, and two months before she passed away they offered Gemzar but was only able to have four treatments before her health was unable to tolerate the effects. She passed away nine months after diagnosis. In hindsight I can honestly say there doesn't seem to have been anything different that could have been done...except of course the Whipple procedure but they don't seem to offer that as they for Pancreatic cancer, which by the way is very similiar to gallbladder cancer. I'm sorry to hear of your mother's diagnosis...I will keep you both in my prayers. Martha

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