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Viv was posted 07/28/2004 01:20 pm by Julia
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Viv - when they put in a metal stent, it sort of expands there in the duct, since it is a mesh that can change its cross section. This is how it widens the duct and takes care of obstruction. Because of that, as I understand, it is less trivial to take them out than plastic stents. Also, when they clog, it is because the tumor or scar tissue grows in through the mesh, thus making it also more difficult to take them out. When my Dad's metal stent got obstructed, they put in a plastic one inside it, and then took the plastic out and fortified it with another metal one, which reached further upstream. These are some options. There is also percutaneous drainage, too. Hope it helps. I also got an impression, not all of the GI doctors know how to put in a metal stent, it is more difficult than plastic. Take care,


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