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Hi All. I am recently dx with metastatic cancer in my left lung. I am 53 years old, soon to be 54.....and very grateful to celebrate that. I had my gallbladder removed in 1998 after months of unbelieveable pain... The surgery, although difficult, seemed to resolve the problem. In 2000 it seemed that my gallbladder attacks began again, only to discover that I had a growth on my pancreas. Surgery was performed in 2000, the 'borderline adenoma' removed without incident and diagnosed as completely excised with clear margins. I have been faithful about followup CT's and exams....all being fine. About three months ago I began having a backache that wouldn't go away. After tradition efforts an x-ray and ct scan were ordered. A tumor was located in the left upper lobe of my lung. A biopsy was done and the lesion was diagnosed as a mucin-producing adenocarcinoma of the lung. Upon further exam it was determined to be a tumor of pancreaticobiliary origin. PET scan shows no other disease, as does MRI and CT. Fluid aspirate of the lung fluid shows 'moderately' atypical cells which leaves me confused and befuddled. I am supposed to have a bone scan tomorrow to make sure all my bones are clear and then see the chemo doctors Monday, May 10. Radiation will begin after chemo is completed. I feel frozen with fear, but also so blessed that my physician listened to my complaints and this might have been caught early enough to save my life. I appreciate any and all words of encouragement and advice.

Posted 05/03/2004 01:18 am by DIANE
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