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Renee was posted 02/25/2004 05:43 pm by Queenie
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I am doing OK and taking things slowly for now. I know how hard it is to watch your parent deteriorate and even harder to see them in pain. Can I ask, Why is he in pain, are the pain meds not working?? It is really important that the Drs get him out of pain. I want you to know that I am praying hard for you and your Dad. You hang in there and know there will come a day when you both will have peace. In the meantime just enjoy the time with him. The conversations you have now, will become some of the deepest most real conversations you will ever have with him. Try talking to him about his life and what he felt was important, it should open a dialog that will be special to you later. I actually listed thirty questions and asked Mom as she was laying there. She slept through some of them and answered some of them, with answers I never would had know if I hadn't asked. I wrote the answers down and will pass them along to her grandchildren.

Take Care


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