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Hi All was posted 02/24/2004 01:03 am by Queenie
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Well a few days has gone by since Mom left us. I am not quite sure to do with my time. I have gotten so use to taking care of business for her it is a little strange, not having some kind of emergency...not that I am complaining. Mom was loved by so many people. I am kept busy planning a memorial for around 500 people.

I think it is very important for you all to know that instead of flowers we asked everyone to donate money to John Hopkins Biliary Cancer research fund. I put it in the obituary so everyone would know what kind of cancer mom died from. The more attention and funds we give to this cancer the more hope we will have for our Barbara's and our Denise's and all of the other wonderful folks who have this horrible cancer. I am also going to write a letter to John Hopkins and let them know of our donations in my mom's name and how important this board is to those of us who have come to depend on it for support and advise. I pulled all of my emails from the beginning and it was amazing how much advise, support and love I received from this board at no cost.

Anyway just thought I would update you, me and my family will miss her but we are doing fine and going through the process you go through when you lose someone you love dearly...which pretty much amounts to sitting around crying all the time!! Hope all is well with everyone. Take Care


PS...Renee how is your Dad doing??

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