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So sorry... was posted 02/23/2004 06:08 pm by Carole
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Hello, So sorry for the diagnosis of GBC in your friend. Unfortunately, this is a very rare, but lethal form of cancer. If left untreated, she may lose weight, have pain, and possibly have jaundice if the cancer blocks the bile ducts. Hospice can provide medication to control the pain. Several people on another board have taken chemotherapy that can 'buy time' perhaps a year to 18 months. The chemotherapy does have side effects. I have two suggestions. 1) Try the search options for this board to read more about what other have experienced. use terms like 'gallbladder cancer' and messages will be retrieved. 2) This board is not very active for gallbladder cancer. More people with bile duct cancer and their families use this board. This other board has more action and you can get responses from people battling the disease. Try this board:

I can remember how bewildered I was when my mother received her diagnosis of gallbladder cancer. She died of sepsis in January 2002.

Good luck and may God bless! Carole

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