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Now Lung Problems with Gemzar was posted 02/21/2004 11:03 am by Alan
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Hello everyone. Hope all is going as well as possible. Teddi just got her CT done Wednesday. Have yet to see the radiology reports but it looks like at a minimum the cancer on the liver has not grown. May even have shrunk a bit. This is just from her doctor 'eyeballing' it. As always with any good news there is bad.

As I mentioned in earlier messages, Teddi has been having breathing problems. Because of this I asked her oncologist if we should add her lungs to what was to be an abdominal CT. He agreed. When we got the results on Wednesday he came in the office and spoke about the liver but didn't mention anything about the lungs - because he didn't look - don't get me started one this fact! Anyway, when he did look he saw abnormalities in the lung. We when yesterday and had a broncscopy(sp?) and there was some problems with swelling. The pulmonary doctor who did this believes it is being caused by the Gemzar. Therefore he feels that it will need to be stopped and that we find a new drug. This, of course, is a big deal. Gemzar is considered the 'gold standard' for this type of cancer.

What other drugs to you think we will be looking at? 5-FU? Also, does anyone know what drugs DON'T effect the lungs? Over the couple of months we have been dropped from the trial which has having such good results and now it seems that Gemzar is no longer an option. I am afraid that we may be heading towards a total abstinance from ALL drugs. Since this is the only treatment that is available where does that leave us?

So, if anyone has any thoughts or ideas of what we should be looking at please let me know. I knew that at some point - now 12mos+- we may have given as much chemotherapy as the body can handle. In fact, she was unable to get the contrast dye for the CT due to her kidney problems.

Again, any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

BTW, Dad continues to decline. He spoke today that the end was near. It's been a rough week.

Take Care,


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