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Reply to Mary, Renee, Queenie was posted 02/13/2004 02:00 pm by Karen
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I appreciate the info and the experience sharing. MIL (72 years old)now has an appointment for another ERCP and possible liver biopsy. Yes, she has a couple of spots on the liver. Our current problem- should we encourage her to go for the ERCP? It involves several nights stay in a London hospital and a 2 hour car journey. MIL really doesn't want to be 'messed around with' any more. She doesn't want to leave her home where all is warm and secure and move to a busy hospital where she knows she will go through discomfort and pain- and, as she says, 'for what?' I can't answer that question for her because I can see where she's coming from. She would never go on Chemo, radiation won't work and she doesn't want to try any new treatments. She wants peace and quiet and a painfree time- will full diagnosis help her achieve any of this? Thank you for listening.

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