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Duncan, Sue - My Mom, 67 began experiencing discomfort in the Spring of 2001, At first these symptoms were shrugged off, they were loose stools which turned clay colored, heartburn, excessive burping and a pain which radiated from her midsection around to the back. My Mom saw her Primary Care Physician and was first diagnosed with IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome then Acid Reflux. After a several months when medication did not alleviate these symptoms she returned to the Dr. and complained again, My Mom mentioned a family history of Gall bladder problems and her previous blood work showed a high amylase level, Her Primary Physician then thought that was the problem and had her set up an appt. with a General Surgeon to discuss having her Gall bladder removed. When she saw this Dr. He reviewed her records and said He wanted her to have a PetScan done. The Radiologist discovered the mass on her pancreas. The General Surgeon then referred her to a Oncology Surgeon who then performed a fine needle aspiration which confirmed the worst, the mass was malignant. My Mother was then scheduled for an attempted Whipple, it was now September/2001. The Surgery was aborted due to vein/artery involvement, the Dr. felt the tumor had been present for a Year. My Mom was then referred to a Medical Oncologist and Palliative Treatment Options were then discussed and she began Chemo after recovering from the Surgery, approx. 6 weeks later. My Mom received her first treatment and did well but a few weeks into them began having trouble with her red/white blood counts and had to miss treatments. In December, 2001 My Mom began having problems with nausea/vomiting and became dehydrated and was hospitalized twice, the second time March 2002, a blockage was found and she had to have a biliary stent inserted then came the problems with her blood glucose being monitored and she and my Dad not educated in how to care for her, she ended up being hospitalized again, this was to be my Mom's last hospitalization, My Mom died May/2002, she was 68.

Posted 02/02/2004 12:17 pm by Beth-Memphis
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