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Hi Queenie was posted 01/18/2004 09:58 am by Renee
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Sorry to hear your mom isn't doing well. My dad is in rough shape too.

Funny thing about both of them, my dad is afraid to take his pain meds (morphine) because he doesn't want to be 'doped up' as he puts it. Yet he is in constant pain. I try to explain to him that it will help him and make him feel better.

Another thing with my dad - he doesn't want to eat anything with sugar or carbohydrates, because he is afraid he is going to get diabetes and he is going to get fat. Mind you he has zero muscle mass left, and he loses weight every day. The doctor told him he should eat more foods with carbs, and it's ok to have cheesecake if it doesn't make him sick. He said he's worried about his blood sugar (mind you he's never been diabetic). Then the doctor told him he should drink lots of liquids (he has some kidney stones now too) and he told the doctor he's afraid he's going to blow up if he drinks too much.

What can you do. We just encourage him to eat more.

Oh, one thing about vicodin for pain, my dad was taking it pretty regularly, and the doctor said he can't take it any more, because the tylenol in the vicodin isn't good for his liver, that's why he put him on morphine.

Hope your mom is doing better. Let us know. Take care of yourself.


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