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mrs was posted 01/06/2004 11:27 pm by barbara h
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thank you mary! thanks so much for the info on Dr. Mateo. i had looked him up and i was pretty certain that USC would not have a surgeon operating with Selby if he/she were not well qualified; however, i do feel MUCH better hearing from someone who's been there. especially knowing that Mateo found a tumor that wasn't visible on the CT scan during your dad's surgery.

the plan is to try to remove the tumor and if that isn't possible plan B is to do an RFA while i am opened up. Mateo said it's too dangerous to try an RFA any other way because of the tumor's location. he voiced his disappointment that i had had clear margins so this is a recurrence and he is worried that there may be more lurking inside this ole body. so it goes.

Mateo trained in Pittsburg so he knows the doctors that i've been emailing back there. i'm waiting to hear back from them again. i tell you i was darn close to packing my bag and heading to NY or PA just due to the doctors i have been so fortunate to communicate with via email and phone calls.

Mateo told me that Selby was busy with another patient and when we said we said wanted to meet him to give him Dr. Lotze's greetings (Lotze is in Pittsburg and knows Selby very well), he said it might be a long wait. So we left.

i'll keep you posted. thank you again. :)

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